Corner Mesh Welder




  • Feed Reel Station: This station is 10” x 16” x 10” high, its function is to house up to fourteen customer reel spools
  • Wire Puller: 1 HP D.C. motor and reducer with regenerative drive and encoder
  • Wire Form Station: Is attached to seam welder and has its own regenerative drive motor, reducer, controller and encoder.
  • Seam Welder Station: Employs two Janda heavy-duty Timken bearing weld heads, transformer and weld control. Entire secondary is water-cooled including weld transformer, SCR contactor, weld heads (both internal and external), plus four water jets are set to cool seam weld wheels and welded wire.
  • Roll Former: This station will also have motor, reducer, regenerative SCR speed control, encoder and guards.
  • Cut-Off Table & Die
  • Wire Guide System
  • Contingent on wire grade machines run at 80 ft. to 140 ft. per minute