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AIT provides the machines and technical support for your Hot-bar Soldering Project.

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Advanced Integrated Technologies Inc (AIT) is recognized throughout the world as a leading authority on hot-bar soldering equipment, including the manufacturing of hot bars and reflow soldering thermodes. Get the benefit of our 20 years of experience building hot-bars (thermodes) for all makes and models of equipment.

Typically the best way to approach the acquisition of a hot-bar system for any application is to send us samples of the products that you wish to bond together. Also we need any information regarding recommended temperature, pressure, and time for the bonding/soldering application. At that point we'll review the requirements and provide pricing and recommendations on how to proceed with the project.

The technology of soldering equipment has come a long way in the last couple of decades. In the early days Hughes Industrial Electronics Group in Carlsbad, California was the pioneer in developing the processes for using an electrically heated metal thermode to reflow presoldered contact pads, forming a bond between electronic components.  The original Hughes technology was eventually absorbed into Miyachi Unitek through a series of acquisitions. Miyachi Unitek is still recognized today as one of the largest producers of hot bar bonding and reflow soldering equipment. At AIT we can take your application (samples of your product) and source and engineer a used hot-bar soldering system complete with all tooling required to hold and run your product, at a price far below that of new equipment.

The concept for hot-bar reflow soldering is quite simple. Low voltage, high amperage electricity is run through a metallic thermode that is designed to have higher electrical resistance along the soldering face. The electricity heats the thermode face to a predetermined temperature. Typically most thermodes are fitted with a thermocouple wire that feeds temperature information back to the soldering power supply. The soldering power supply is usually programmable to bring a thermode to a set temperature and hold it for a set amount of time. The thermode is brought into contact with the components to be soldered or bonded, and the heat reflows the solder. Different thermode materials produce different characteristics. Some materials and designs are inherently more dimensionally stable when heated. Others are designed to heat up and cool down quickly. Still others are designed for very even heating along the thermode face.

Nippon Avionics Co.,Ltd, otherwise known as Avio, is a Japanese producer of fine reflow soldering equipment.  Avio equipment is  widely used in Japan and parts of Asia. Avio reflow heads are designed to look and function very similar to the Hughes/Palomar design.  The Avio soldering equipment uses thermodes like our SLD-6 and SLD-18 designs.   Most of our product pages for these have a table that cross references the Hot-bar Soldering Equipment manufacturer’s part numbers with AIT equivalent products.  Request a quote from us today and discover how AIT can save you money and put our experience to work for you.

About Pulse Heat Units
Pulse Heat Unit Types
Applications of Pulse Heat
Displacement Power Supply
General Purpose Type Power Supply
Hand Piece Type
High Power Type
Pulse Heat Machine
Reflow System Head
Drive Unit
Displacement Unit
Pulse Heat Acessories
Monolithic Reflow Heads
Pulse Heat Digital Force Gauges
Displacement and Force Monitor

About Pulse Heat Units

Outline of Pulse Heat Units

Pulse heat units from Nippon Avionics Co., Ltd. have been used over the years for various applications, including soldering in manufacturing of electronic equipment or electronic components, ACF bonding, plastic welding, and thermo-compression bonding.

In the recent years, improvement of both the function and the performance of mobile devices and other electronic equipment are being accelerated. While the parts are getting smaller and higher in performance, technology to mount parts in high density is becoming very important. Among other things, soldering, which is the key technology in parts manufacturing and assembly, is expected to cope with fine pattern and high reliability.

We are offering suitable micro-joining solutions in a timely manner to satisfy the needs of the customer in the manufacturing industry where technical innovation is remarkable.


What is Pulse Heat?

Pulse heat units are equipment used for soldering of electric components or welding of plastic components. It consists of a reflow head, which holds down the component and applies the force, and a pulse heat power supply, which flows the electic current.

Pulse heat is an instantaneous heating method whereby heating is effected only when melting the solder or the plastic. Solder or plastic is melted by the resistance heat generated by flowing electric current to a heater tip/ heater tool made of metal. Once the material is melted, electric current is stopped and cooled.

Because the object is held down with pressure until it is solidified, there is no lifting or shifting of parts, and,  as a result, highly reliable joining can be achieved.


Basic Configuration of a Pulse Heat Unit and Role of Each Part

  • Pulse Heat Power Supply: Electric current is flown to the heater tip or heater tool.
  • Reflow Head: The object to be joined is held down and force is applied. The applied force is adjusted by a spring.
  • Heater Tip & Heater Tool: This is the part which becomes hot by resistance heating. The one with a relatively small area is called "heater tip" and a larger area is called "heater tool".
Pulse Heat Unit Model
Temperature Profile




System Head Basic Configuration and Components
   drive unit  basicsystemcomponents    reflowhead    reflowhead2  basicreflowcomponents    drive unit2 
 motor controller heatertipandshank  heatertipandshank2     base2
 work stage base2   work stage   pallet

Pulse Heat Unit Types

Select a power supply with suitable welding capacity depending on the material or the shape of the object to be joined and the required quality level.

Standard Type


Displacement Type
General Purpose Type
TCW315 NA111 cropped-General-Purpose-Type
High Power Type
High power type
Indexer Type

Pulse Heat Fusing Unit


Handy Type
NCU 10P-Handy-Type
High Power Type

Reflow Head

Select a head having a force suitable to the object to be joined and suitable to the heater tip/heater tool to be used.


Heater Tip Type
Heater Tool Type

Select the size and shape suitable to the object to be joined. If necessary, it can be machined for custom shape. A material to which the solder will not stick, easy to heat, and with a high resistance value is used.

Heater Tip
Heater tool



Applications of Pulse Heat

FPC to PWB Reflow Soldering
FPC-to-PWB Reflow Soldering
Insulation Wire to PWB Reflow Soldering
Insulation wire to PWB Reflowsoldering
Co-Axial Cable and Grand Bar to Wire Reflow Soldering
Coaxial cable grand bar to wiring reflowsoldering
Solar Battery Module Assembly Reflow Soldering
Solarbattery module assembly reflowsoldering
Camera Module Assembly Reflow Soldering
Camera Module assembly reflowsoldering
ACF (Glass to FPC)
AFC Glass-to-FPC thermal compression bonding
Plastic Parts Fabrication (PWB) Pulse Heat Fusing
Plastic parts fabrication PWB pulse heat fusing
Plastic Parts Fabrication (Lens) Pulse Heat Fusing
Plastic parts fabrication Lens pulse heat fusing






Displacement Power Supply

Ultimate Pulse Heat Controller with Concurrency Control of Temperature and Displacement!


Pulse Heat Controller: Concurrency Control of Temperature and Displacement
pulse heat controller
  • High Precision Displacement Control: Overtravelling amount is controlled by feedback of displacement amount in 1μm resolution, and uniform melting amount can be realized.
  • Wide Variety of Monitoring Functions (Temperature, Displacement)
  • Digital Temperature Control: High speed and highly accurate temperature control is realized by the digital PID control method, making the unit suitable for fine wires and micro-miniature works.
  • Release Function: After heating, the solder thickness between the works can be secured.
  • Four Stage Heating: Various temperature profiles are realized to cope with the diversified applications
  • Built-in Motor Control Function
  • User Interface: RS-232C&I/O is standard equipped making the unit easy to interface with the external equipment such as the case of incorporating in an automated system.


Melting Amounts Control
Micro Co-axial Cable
  • No Spread Wire (Damage Reduction)
  • No Solder Bridge
displacement-control example
Joining Gap Control
Solar Panel Module
  • Enhancement of Joining Strength
  • Reduction of Residual Stress
displacement-control joining-gap



*Reflow head motor drive unitl Model NA-201P is required for use with Model TCW-DP100.*
Features TCW-DP100
Heating Temperature

Room temp~600°C in 1°C step, E type/ J type (option)

Room temp~900°C, K type (option)

Heating Time 0.00-99.99 seconds
Rated Capacity 750 VA, 50% duty cycle
Heating Steps 4 Steps
Monitor Sink Amount, Temperature, Work Height
Motor Resolution 1 μm/pulse
Displacement Resolution 1μm
Interface RS-232C, I/O
Transformer Built-In
Tap Voltage 0.88 V, 1.24 V, 1.75 V, 2.47 V, 3.5 V
Power Source AC 200-240 V±10%, 1Φ, 50/60 Hz, 15 A
Dimension (mm) 220x400x320
Weight 23kg



General Purpose Type Power Supply

The Best Seller Power Supply Unit Suitable for Soldering, Thermo-Compresion Bonding and Heat-Fusing!

Pulse Heat Power Supply


General Purpose Type
High Power Type
pulse heat power supply
  • High Reliability Joining: Becuause heating and cooling take place while the pressure is being applied, the work position will not be shifted during joining.
  • Variable Temperature Profile: Because the heating is local and instantaneous, thermal impact to the peripheral components is restrained.
  • High Reprodicibility: Digital PID control enables good reproducitbility of temperature and time. As a result, no skill of the operator is required.
  • Pb Free Compatible: Pb free solder is accomodated by setting to high temperature and long heating time.
  • User Interface: RS-232C&I/O is standard equipped, making the unit easy to be connected to external equipment such as incorporationg into an automated system.
  • Ample Monitoring Functions: Temperature Monitoring: Upper and Lower limit (average peak), Profile Detection Error: Over-Heat, Thermocouple Disconnection, etc.
  • Other Standard Functions: Number of stored settings: 15, Head vertical and cooling air control signal, Auxiliary thermocouple input, Counter function.


Features TCW-315 PHU-35 NT-35
Heating Temp.

Room temp~600°C/1°C step E, J-type

Room temp~900°C K-type (Option)

Room temp~600°C/1°C step E, J-type

Room temp~900°C K-type (Option)
Heating Time 000-999(x100ms, x10ms) 000-999(x100ms, x10ms) -
Rating Power 750VA - 3KVA
Transformer Built-In - -
Tap Voltage  0.88 V, 1.24 V, 1.75 V, 2.47 V, 3.5 V -  1.0V, 2.0V, 3.0V
Power Source 1Φ, AC200-230V±10%, (AC100-115V: option) 1Φ, AC200-230V±10%, (AC100-115V: option)  -
200x320x283 278x250x120  200x270x220
Weight 19.5kg  7.4kg  25kg


Hand Piece Type

Temperature Feedback Prevents Cobwebbing of Plastic!


Hand Piece Type


NCU 10P-Handy-Type
Heater Tip for NCU-10H
Fusing flow
  • Cooling Function: Because the process ends with the plastic solidified, stable fusing without cobwebbing can be achieved.
  • Temperature Feedback Function: Temperature variation due to environmental change or passage of time is restrained. Stable Welding by temperature feedback (Plastic sputtering or cracking, as in the case of ultrasonic joining, will not occur)
  • Easy to Transport Handy Type
  • We can Propose the Most Suitable Heater Tip Based on Our Ample Experience: Heater tip material most suitable to the work material Flat type, multi-point simultaneous heater tip, special coating, etc.
  • After Heat Helps Easy Separation of Plastic and the Heater Tip
Features NCU-10U Features NCU-10T
Heat Temperature

Main: Room temp~499°C

Idling: Room temp~299°C

Rated Power 150V
Heat Time 0.1-9.9sec(0.1sec/step) Output Voltage 1.75V, 2.5V, 3.5V
Power Source  AC100V±10% 1Φ (Option:200, 230V)
Dimensions (mm) 100x150x120
Compressed Air 0.4MPA or more Weight 3.4kg
Dimensions (mm) 200x302x90 - -
Weight 3.5kg - -



High Power Type

High Power Type Suitable for Incorporation into a System!


High Power Type




  • Multi-Heads can be Accomodated: Multi-point simultaneous fusing can be realized
  • Compatible to Large Capacity Transformer for Automated System: Compatible to two types, NT-15(1,500VA) and NT-35(3,000VA)
  • Pen Type Head Suitable for Automated Systems: Small head (head width 18mm, 21mm, 26.2mm) applicable to narrow pitch with an air cooling port.


Features NCU-15
Heat Temperature

Main: Room temp~499°C

After-Heat:Room temp~499°C

Heat Time


Power Source AC200V±10% 1Φ (Option:100, 115, 230V)
Compressed Air -


Weight 4.1kg
Features NT-15 NT-35
Rated Power 1500VA 3000VA
Output Voltage 1.0V, 2.0V, 3.0V 1.0V, 2.0V, 3.0V
Dimensions (mm) 160x220x200 200x270x220
Weight 14.2kg 26kg
- - -
- - -


Multi-Head System
  • As the number of head will vary depending on the application, please consult with us
  • there will be only one feedback line
  • All weld cables have the same length
   Spring Type (300N)  
   Spring Type (65N)  
   Straight Type  
pen type spring 300N pen type spring 65N pen type head straight


Dimensions (mm) 26.2x101x196.2 21x47x192.1 18x42x186.9
Weight 820g 360g 160g




Pulse Heat Machine

It can be Applied to Various Types of Equipment!

ACF Thermo-Compression Bonder


afc thermo compression bonder
  • Semi-Automatic Equipment Accommodating the Heater Tool: It can be used for wide range of applications covering from thermo-compression bonding of ACF or heat seal of LCD to soldering.
  • CCD Camera and LCD Monitor can be Connected as Options: Work can be postponed while monitoring the image from the CCD camera.
Features TCW-125C
Power Supply PHU-35
Tap Voltage 1.0V, 2.0V, 3.0V
Heater Tool Length 110mm Max
Pressure 68.6~833N
Weight 180kg

*We can Propose an Automated System SatisfyingYour Requirement.

Please Feel Free to Consult with Us*

Examples of Equipment Using Pulse Heat Unit
pulse heat equipment examples


Reflow System Head

Best Suitable for a Precise Joining and Automation!

Heater Tip Type

NA-111, NA-112



Features NA-111
Pressure Range 0.7-5N
Pressure Method Spring
Stroke It's up to Drive Unit
Dimensions (mm) 106x48x287
Weight 0.6kg
Drive Method Motor(NA-201), Air(NA-221), Manual(NA-231)
Features NA-112
Pressure Range 5-65N
Pressure Method Spring
Stroke It's up to Drive Unit
Dimensions (mm) 106x48x285
Weight 0.6kg
Drive Method Motor(NA-201), Air(NA-221), Manual(NA-231)
  • Because of the Vertical Direct Force Application Mechanism There is No Deflection by the Applied Force
  • Long Life is Realized by the Use of a Photo Sensor


Heater Tool Type


NA-151, NA-152, NA-153
Features NA-151 NA-152 NA-153
Pressure Range  1.2-7N 5-70N 20-150N
Pressure Method Spring
Stroke It's up to Drive Unit
Dimensions (mm) 124x54.8x298
Weight 1kg
Drive Method Motor(NA-201), Air(NA-221), Manual(NA-231)
Features NA-154
Pressure Range  40-300N
Pressure Method Spring
Stroke It's up to Drive Unit
Dimensions (mm) 145x64.5x332
Weight 2.2kg
Drive Method Air(NA-222)
Features NA-155
Pressure Range  100-600N
Pressure Method Spring
Stroke 30mm
Dimensions (mm) 217x230x700
Weight 20.1kg
Drive Method Air
 Heater Tool and Shank

heater tool

  • Provided with Air Cooling Port and Flatness Adjustment Function
  • Water Cooled Shank is Equipped as Standard (NA-154, NA-166)
  • Heater Tip can be Used by Use of a Conversion Shank





Drive Unit

  • It's equiped with a soft landing and teaching function.
  • 5 operating speeds.
  • Operation position can be set by 4 points.
  • Timing of weld confirmed by LED



NA122 CNT300
Features NA-201+CNT-310
Dimensions NA-201 (mm) 50x82.5x320
Dimensions CNT-310 (mm) 80x211x188
Weight  NA-201: 2kg; CNT-310: 2kg
Drive Method Pulse Motor
Stroke 50mm Max, 10 μm Step
Power Source

DC 24V±10% 2A, Optional: AC Adaptor AC100-240V



 Air Drive
Features NA-221 NA-222
Dimensions (mm) 78x63x280 86x85x289
Weight 1.3 kg 2.2 kg
Drive Method Air Air
Stroke 50mm Max 50mm Max
Speed Control with speed controller - (Φ4mm tube) with speed controller - (Φ6mm tube)
Air Pressure 0.05-0.6MPa 0.4-0.6MPa
 Manual Drive
Features NA-231
Dimensions (mm) Drive Part: 51x79x192; Foot Pedal: 124x268x125
Weight Drive Part: 1kg; Foot Pedal: 2.2kg
Drive Method Manual by Foot Pedal
Stroke 10mm Max
Height Control 40 mm Range



Displacement Unit

Displacement is Realized!

 Displacement Unit


  • Connectable to TCW-315, PHU-35 and NCU-15
  • Easy Operation by Touch Panel Control
  • Control of Crushed Amount by Displacement
  • Because of the Heat Shift Function, Thermal Impact to the Work is Minimized

CNT-500 displacement unti
Temperature and Displacement
Features CNT-500
Display Touch Panel
Motor Resolution 6.25 μm/pulse (NA-201)
Displacement Setting Resolution 1 μm/scale (0-8192 μm range)
Use-srounding Temperature 0°C-40°C (without freezing)
Use-srounding Humidity 85% or less (without condensation)
Power Source AC100V-240V
Consumption Power 50W or less
Dimensions (mm) 200x360x190
Weight 6.5kg






Pulse Heat Acessories


System Head Basic Configuration
system head basic configuration reflow





 NA-301, 302
S-MP, 5302-MP
Microscope Set
 Microsocope, Mounting Stand, LED, and Pallet
Weld Cable




Leveling Stage
XYZ Stage
Heater Stage
Two-Position Rotary Indexer



Monolithic Reflow Heads

Standard Type
Features NA-62D
Pressure Range 4.9-44.1N
Stroke 8mm
Dimensions (mm) 77x212x275
Weight 2.4kg
Driving Method Manual by Foot Pedal
Air Drive Type
Features NA-66
Pressure Range 4.9-44.1N
Stroke 8mm
Dimensions (mm) 77x212x360
Weight 3.8kg
Driving Method Air
NA66 TCW315
  • Monolithic Head with Integrated Drive Section and Force Application Section
  • Heater Tips are Accommodated
  • Two Types: Manual Driven and Air Driven


NA-62D, NA-66 Microscope Stand
C- Users tcrafton Documents website-a-i-t avio-stock-images avio-reflow-images microscope
  • Magnification: 8x-50x
  • Dimensions (mm): W550xD800xH20
  • Height: 434mm


Pulse Heat Digital Force Gauges

Compact, Light Weight, and Handy Type
  • Compact and Light Weight
  • 3 Way Power Supply
  • Equipped with Hold Display Function
  • Easy Zero Adjustment Function
  • Equipped with Judgment Function (Hi&Low)
FG-400 & TJ series


Display 4 digit (0000-9999) N: newton
Zeroing Adjustment Automatic Regulation by Switching
Hold Function Sample/Peak
Interface RS-232C
Power Source (AC100V-240V)1Φ Use by AA type battery, Ni-H type battery or Dedicated AC adapter (AC100V-240V)
Dimension (mm) 77x140x27
Weight 300g


TJ-20R or TJ-20A

TJ-100R or TJ-100A

TJ-500R or TJ-500A

Measuring Range (N) 0-10 0-196 0-980 0-4900
Critical Load (N) 20 294 1470 7350
Accuracy ±2% (of full scale)
Sensor Tip Shape

Pressure Sensor

Features TJS-1R TJS-20R TJS-100R TJS-1R35B0
Measuring Range (N) 0-10 0-196 0-980
Critical Load (N) 20 294 1470
Accuracy ±3% (of full scale)






Displacement and Force Monitor

Real Time Monitoring of Displacement and Force

  • Digital or Graphic Display Options
  • Easy Automation When Combined with System Head
  • Easy QC by Enhanced Communication Function (Output of Measured Value m& Monitoring Result)
  • Easy Installation of Force Sensor
  • High Accuracy for Displacement Bonding
  • Wave Analysis by Graphic Display (High Speed Sampling at 2000 times/sec)
  • Measure and Judge by 2 Conditions for Bonding
  • Trigger by Applied Force or Displacement Setting
Force Monitor
QC-100 1AD5
Features QC-100
Measurement Range 0-1000N
Accuracy ±3%(of full scale)
Sampling Time 0.5ms(2000 times/sec)
Squeeze, Hold Time 0-0.9sec
Interface RS-232C, I/O, analog output
Power Source DC24V ± 10% 2A
Dimension (mm) 170x210x150
Weight 3kg
 Displacement Monitor
QC-200 F9F0
Features QC-200
Measurement Range 0-7.5mm Resolution: 1μm
Accuracy ±1%(of full scale)
Sampling Time 0.5ms(2000 times/sec)
Squeeze, Hold Time 0-0.9sec
Interface RS-232C, I/O, analog output
Power Source DC24V ± 10% 2A
Dimension (mm) 170x210x150
Weight 3.4kg
Features TJS-1R TJS-20R TJS-100R


Measurement Range (N) 0-10 0-196 0-980
Critical Load (N) 20 294 1470
Accuracy ±3%(of full scale)