Hot Bar Soldering Equipment


AIT provides the machines and technical support for your Hot-bar Soldering Project.

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Advanced Integrated Technologies Inc (AIT) is recognized throughout the world as a leading authority on hot-bar soldering equipment, including the manufacturing of hot bars and reflow soldering thermodes. Get the benefit of our 20 years of experience building hot-bars (thermodes) for all makes and models of equipment.

Typically the best way to approach the acquisition of a hot-bar system for any application is to send us samples of the products that you wish to bond together. Also we need any information regarding recommended temperature, pressure, and time for the bonding/soldering application. At that point we'll review the requirements and provide pricing and recommendations on how to proceed with the project.

The technology of soldering equipment has come a long way in the last couple of decades. In the early days Hughes Industrial Electronics Group in Carlsbad, California was the pioneer in developing the processes for using an electrically heated metal thermode to reflow presoldered contact pads, forming a bond between electronic components.  The original Hughes technology was eventually absorbed into Miyachi Unitek through a series of acquisitions. Miyachi Unitek is still recognized today as one of the largest producers of hot bar bonding and reflow soldering equipment. At AIT we can take your application (samples of your product) and source and engineer a used hot-bar soldering system complete with all tooling required to hold and run your product, at a price far below that of new equipment.

The concept for hot-bar reflow soldering is quite simple. Low voltage, high amperage electricity is run through a metallic thermode that is designed to have higher electrical resistance along the soldering face. The electricity heats the thermode face to a predetermined temperature. Typically most thermodes are fitted with a thermocouple wire that feeds temperature information back to the soldering power supply. The soldering power supply is usually programmable to bring a thermode to a set temperature and hold it for a set amount of time. The thermode is brought into contact with the components to be soldered or bonded, and the heat reflows the solder. Different thermode materials produce different characteristics. Some materials and designs are inherently more dimensionally stable when heated. Others are designed to heat up and cool down quickly. Still others are designed for very even heating along the thermode face.

Nippon Avionics Co.,Ltd, otherwise known as Avio, is a Japanese producer of fine reflow soldering equipment.  Avio equipment is  widely used in Japan and parts of Asia. Avio reflow heads are designed to look and function very similar to the Hughes/Palomar design.  The Avio soldering equipment uses thermodes like our SLD-6 and SLD-18 designs.   Most of our product pages for these have a table that cross references the Hot-bar Soldering Equipment manufacturer’s part numbers with AIT equivalent products.  Request a quote from us today and discover how AIT can save you money and put our experience to work for you.